It's not just a cookie, it's a Muffkie!
Muffkies contain whole grains, fruits, and nuts.


Muffkie Thoughts

What is a Muffkie?

A Muffkie® is an All Natural Wonderful Snack®.  It is a cookie which was invented in a muffin top pan.  The Muffkie is a guilt free dessert which has a lower percent of calories from added sugars than any other cookie, even less than any granola or energy bar.  Yet the Muffkie is still delicious and sweet.  Much of the Muffkie's sweetness comes from the pistachios, the apricots, the stone ground basmati rice, and the white whole wheat flour.  The Muffkie is a nutrient powerhouse, especially for fiber and potassium.  Commercially produced Muffkies are baked in a band oven, yet retain the original Muffkie shape. 

It tastes great!

People love to say "Muffkie", but they also love to eat them.  Many have said that the Muffkie tastes more like real food than like a cookie.  Because they are not overly sugared, people do not get tired of them.

It has fewer empty calories than almost all dessert items

Eating a Muffkie (or two!) will not max out your diet for the day, like many of today's oversized cookies.  A Muffkie weighs about one ounce and has a lower percentage of calories from added sugar than any other cookie (or granola or energy bar). 

It has an unusual shape

Muffkies are not stamped out like Oreos, Fig Newtons, and many others.  Each is unique and has its own peculiar varation on a circle or funky oval shape.   

It has a craggy top

The healthy nutrition packed ingredients in a Muffkie and the resulting thick and heterogeneous dough result in a craggy top.  Each Muffkie has its own unique constellation of nooks and crannies, just like cookies made at home. 

It's full of healthy nuts and fruits

For now, it is pistachios and apricots, but other nut and fruit combinations will follow.

Gluten Free Muffkies are wheat-free

Instead, they contain whole rolled oats, stone ground whole grain basmati rice, and quinoa, all of which are gluten free.